Design against war is a project by SOSDesign, devised for EMERGENCY and promoted and supported by Desall and Cumulus, under the patronage of ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – Association for the Industrial Design).

Why a design contest?

In 2001, SOSDesign was born: a marketplace to exhibit and sell objects and furniture donated by designers during Milan Design Week, in order to support EMERGENCY fundraising. Together with the collaboration of several corporate partners, a small and representative gallery of sketches, drawings, and prototypes – freely donated by individual designers – now existed. A consistent theme throughout these works was designers’ thoughts and perspectives on humanitarian projects.

Today, we are launching a contest for designers with two core aims.
– The first is to identify strategic priorities, with the potential to address the various practical needs of EMERGENCY missions. – The second is to introduce a reflection on the theme of war and being “against the war”.

Spaces, Products and Services

Competition of ideas for Spaces, Products, Services on the needs and desires of life and care in affected areas, devastated and conditioned by war.

Spaces, Products, and Services which would solve, contain, facilitate, sustain, and emphasise the practical, psychological, relational, or cultural aspects of contexts shaped by conflict – this can be severe and widespread conflict, such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq, or more contained, insidious conflicts, like those that can be found in parts of Italy.

Submissions capable of informing a concept (abstract), a solution (practical), or a process (conceptual) that could aid treatment, protection, assistance, preservation, information, analysis, transportation, connection and payment (and so on) in contexts severely affected by war.

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