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Lisa Marks in 2019 became the winner of Lexus Design Aword with an object called Algorithmic Lace. It is a bra designed for cancer survivors. It provides the necessary comfort and at the same time looks great, instilling confidence in women who need it most.

Algorithmic Lace

Algorithmic Lace bra, designer Lisa Marks

Quote from John Maeda

When we think of algorithms, we usually think of computers and the high-tech industry. But the textile industry is where algorithms were first deployed as a means to realize new aesthetic choices in fabrics during the 19th century. Lisa Marks’ Algorithmic Lace project not only feeds on that rich history, but goes even further back in time to incorporate a 16th century technique for weaving complex lace patterns”.

Lisa Marks about Lexus Design Award

Lexus doesn’t have to do this. They could be a successful brand without it. But it shows their commitment to design and to a better world”.

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