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  • Architectural heritage: single buildings or groups of buildings in rural or urban setting;
  • Building additions or alterations, or new building projects within historic areas;
  • Industrial and engineering structures and sites;
  • Cultural landscapes: historic urban environments or townscapes, city or town squares and streetscapes;
  • Historic parks and gardens, larger areas of designed landscape or of cultural, environmental and/or agricultural significance;
  • Archaeological sites, including underwater archaeology;
  • Works of art and collections: collections of artistic and historic significance or old works of art;
  • Intangible cultural heritage as practices, representations, expressions, as well as the knowledge and skills that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognise as part of their cultural heritage;
  • Digitisation projects of cultural heritage.



Outstanding achievements in the conservation, enhancement and adaptation to new uses of cultural heritage.Projects should have involved restoration or conservation of a structure or site, its adaptation to new uses, building additions or alterations, or new design in conservation areas. The building / site / work(s) of art must be accessible to the public. Buildings or sites that are regularly visited or used by large numbers of people, for instance schools or office premises, are considered accessible. Private buildings or sites that are regularly open to visitors are also considered accessible.


Outstanding research projects that lead to tangible effects in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe. The project must have been completed within the past three (3) years: September 2013 – September 2016. If the study is a preliminary research carried out before a now completed intervention, please submit the entry as a Category Conservation project only.

Dedicated service by individuals or organisations

Open to individuals or organisations whose contributions over a long period of time demonstrate excellence in the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe. Entries must be nominated by a third party only. Nominations may not be submitted by a family member of a nominated individual or by a member / employee of a nominated organisation

Education, training and awareness-raising

Outstanding initiatives related to education, training and awareness-raising in the field of tangible and/or intangible cultural heritage, to promote and/or to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment. The projects should be ongoing and sufficiently advanced to have led to tangible results , exemplary, sustainable and applicable in other parts of Europe.

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