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Lexus, the company that instituted this award, does everything to make the competition truly global. At the first stage, designers participate in regional competitions, and then the winners compete with each other. Therefore, designers from different countries and continents are necessarily represented in the final.

Design objects in the field of industrial design that have not yet been put into production participate in the competition. However, they should be quite practical, albeit innovative.

The jury consists of world-class experts. For example, in 2019, John Maeda became one of the judges. Equally valuable professionals become tutors who help the finalists bring their projects to perfection. This year’s theme is dedicated to the future.

Design for a Better Tomorrow

The next-generation of designers were asked to consider how their creative ideas incorporate three fundamental principles from the Lexus brand: “Anticipate,” “Innovate,” and “Captivate,” as well as how their design anticipates the needs of tomorrow’s society. They were tasked with developing innovative designs that bring fresh imaginative solutions. At the same time, their ideas and designs needed to be captivating and engaging to the audience and more importantly, the assembled panel of esteemed judges.

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