Federation Tower – the flagship multi-use development with the highest apartments in Europe – receives the prestigious International Architecture Award 2019. The symbolic Moscow skyscraper is honoured for its new and cutting-edge design alongside with the best and most prestigious buildings around the world.

Among other winners this year are the masterplan for the redevelopment of the Royal Academy of Arts in London by David Chipperfield Architects, Museum Garage in Miami by Jürgen MAYER H, Tata Innovation Centre at Cornell Tech in New York by Weiss/Manfredi, as well as two more projects from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Federation Tower consists of two towers – East (374 metres) and West (242 metres) sharing a common plinth. The main architect of the project is Sergey Tchoban who, together with his German colleague Peter Schweger strived to create a sculptural, bold skyscraper, to be perceived as a try cityscape highlight from any point in the city. The building takes its shape from a sky-faring yacht with two sails, so the architects wanted to keep the sensation of flight and weightlessness in the interior as well as the exterior of the towers. The facades of the buildings are constructed out of smooth reflective glass to extend the blueness of the sky, while the wide 5.2-metres high windows allow the tenants to enjoy the endless sky and a beautiful panoramic view of Moscow to the fullest.

Michael Smirnov, CEO, ZAO Federation Tower:

Our skyscraper regularly receives prestigious international awards and honours, which further the craftsmanship of the architects and planners as well as the overall image of the project. Back in 2018 Federation Tower was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival – one of the largest and most honourable awards in the architectural world, the Oscars for the architects. A year earlier we were named as the Best Multi-Use Development by European Property Awards.

All those honours are possible thanks to the amazing exterior and innovative construction solutions designed by the project’s team.

The Top-100 buildings will be showcased during special The City and the World exhibition in Athens on September, 13 this year. The awards ceremony and a gala dinner would also take place during the exhibition.