The awards were given to the National Prize laureates at the final ceremony of the BIF (Best Interior Festival). The work of Oleg Klodt won a gold award in the Best Residential Interior nomination and at the same time the Grand Prix.

library interior, Oleg Klodt

Gran Pri

Oleg Klodt designed the interior for his apartment, located on the top floor of an old building in the center of Moscow. The four-story building was built in 1902. One-level apartment 175 sq. m. has an excellent layout and has many windows, which are the main detail that creates the mood of the entire interior.

bedroom interior, Oleg Klodt

The atmosphere of antiquity organically looms from the walls of the building itself, as a result of which a timeless interior with elements of the French style was born. A successful planning solution was the creation of portals in the bearing wall, which divides the apartment into two parts. On the one hand, there is a large and bright common area, divided into an office, kitchen, living room and hallway, on the other side there is a recreation area consisting of 4 bedrooms for all family members.

It is a space that tells the story of generations.

Gold Diploma

A gold diploma in the Private House nomination was awarded to the Tudor Style Guest House project, developed by Anna Nasonova, the head of ItalProject.

The original goal was to build a guest house with a large garage, staff quarters and guest bedrooms in the attic. At the same time, it was necessary to arrange the house so as to preserve the two-hundred-year-old oak without damaging it during construction and to make it the center of the entire composition.

oak near the house

Oak was the inspiration for both architectural style and interiors.

During the construction process, the tasks have changed. The client liked his new house and decided to temporarily occupy it in order to make the reconstruction of the old house on the same plot.

Tudor style interior

On the ground floor of the house there is a garage, a boiler room, a guest bathroom, an entrance hall and a separate living area for staff. The attic houses the main master’s premises – three bedrooms, bathrooms, an open living area combined with a kitchen and dining room.


Impressive interiors, however, they look more towards the past than towards the future.


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